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Nikki Stewart

Founder, Tru Healthcare Connection

Nikki Stewart is a registered nurse from the United States with more than 21 years of nursing experience in intensive care, integrative oncology and lifestyle medicine. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Michigan in 2003.

After graduating from Michigan, she set out as a travel nurse to Arizona where she had extensive training and experience in intensive care. After, she spent 8 years training and practicing in alternative therapies for healing from chronic diseases at an integrative oncology center in Arizona. 

She is certified and experienced in therapies such as ozone and oxidative therapies, IPT, intravenous antioxidants including vitamin C, chelation, colon hydrotherapy, PEMF, and more.

Her love for Thailand began in 2011 when she started traveling to Chiang Mai and Bangkok to train medical staff for alternative and natural therapies for healing and detoxification. She has managed clinics in the US and Thailand and serves as an educator for integrative medical therapies, as well as raw and plant based nutrition for healing.

Nikki’s experience working with patients healing from cancer has fuelled her passion for preventative lifestyle modification. She is currently an international consultant for integrative medical centers and nurse educator for lifestyle and integrative health therapies. In 2020 she discovered the healing potential of peptide therapies and co-developed GenOracle in Bangkok, Thailand, an innovative compounding pharmacy providing high quality formulations for various health conditions and well-aging.