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Truly Personalised Care

Feel Good, Look Good.

THC Blue LogoTru Healthcare Connection

Tru Healthcare Connection brings healthcare advisors, medical professionals, speciality clinics and private hospitals together to provide personalised programs to people from around the world.

How It Works

Tru Healthcare Connection focuses on truly personalised care – no two people are the same.  Everything from your consultations to your diagnostics is bespoke for you. 

Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Your journey starts with a quick and simple set of questions to help understand your goals

In-Depth Consultation

Followed by a detailed initial consultation to explore your medical history and lifestyle

Personalised Diagnostics

A personalised diagnostics check is performed including laboratory tests tailored to you

Personalised Program Plan

Your advisor then works with experts to formulate your short and long term program

Care doesn’t end here!  Ongoing follow up consultations and advice continue and your personalised plan is carefully monitored and adjusted based on outcomes.

Let Us Help

Want to improve your health, but don't know where to start?
We've got you covered.

THC Blue LogoOur Services

Personalised Healthcare

We offer lifestyle coaching, nutritional guidance, personalised diagnostics packages, clinic recommendations and more.

Thailand Medical Travel

Pre-consultation and planning of weight loss and detox programs, IVF therapy, longevity programs, plastic surgery & aesthetics and stem cell treatments.

Customised Programs

Get on top of your health the right way with one of our personalised health programs including regenerative, longevity and peptide plans.